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New Patients

Chariton Family Dental Services

The most important part of your first visit is to tell us what you want!  We believe that we are more of a “Coach” that can help you get the health and smile you want rather than a “dictator doctor” who only has their plan for you. Come try us out.

As a new patient, we here at Chariton Dental want you to be comfortable and fully informed. During our first visit together, we will discuss your past medical and dental history. To make a thorough and accurate diagnosis of any dental problems Dr. Tanner may request digital X-rays. The comprehensive exam will include looking for decay, an evaluation of existing restorations, oral cancer screening, periodontal (gum) disease, excessive tooth wear, and occlusal (bite) problems.

We will work to build understanding and trust through open communication about your oral condition. Next, we will explain our findings and recommendations to help determine the most appropriate course of treatment. The goal of Chariton Dental is complete and accurate information aiding in making informed dental decisions.

At the Dentist

Financial Options

We offer flexible financing plans and we participate with most insurance plans to meet your financial needs.  We offer CareCredit for financing. Please give us a call if you are unsure if we participate with your insurance plan.

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