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Emergency Dentistry


Dental emergencies can happen at any time and most often they require immediate attention. At Chariton Dental we offer same-day emergency dentistry for any patients who experience a severe dental emergency.


Although we qualify any potential issue that can harm your teeth as an emergency, certain dental emergencies require more immediate attention than others.


Please continue reading to learn more about emergency dentistry and what to do in the event of one happening to you.  

Emergency Dentistry – Immediate Attention

Knocked-Out Tooth

 Getting a tooth knocked out can be scary, painful, and stressful. If this has happened to you or a family member, don’t worry we are here to help. In the event of this happening, give us a call and then try to locate the tooth. Determining how the tooth’s anatomy is after it has been knocked out, it is possible that it can be placed back in its original place. When in our office, we will help with pain management and go over the restorative options available to you. 

The following dental emergencies are ones that we would encourage you to see Dr. Tanner with immediately. 

Broken Tooth

There are multiple ways that your tooth can break after experiencing blunt force trauma. Just as with a knocked-out tooth, in some cases, it is possible for reattachment so we encourage you to locate the broken piece. For other breaks where a piece isn’t broken off from the tooth, we offer other options to restore your tooth to its original form. 

Damaged or Lost Filling

Although rare, it is possible for an old filling to become loose and fall out or get damaged. If you have noticed that you’re filling isn’t in perfect condition, please give us a call. It is important to get fillings replaced to seal off the tooth from experiencing additional and further decay. 

Emergency Dentistry – Immediate Attention

The following emergencies don’t necessarily need same-day attention but are still important, so we request that you make an appointment as soon as possible. 


Noticing sensitivity in a tooth while eating or drinking hot and cold foods could be a sign that there is decay. Diagnosing, removing, and restoring cavities, should take place as soon as possible to limit further decay from occuring. 

Loose Crown

The cement that bonds a tooth crown to the tooth can sometimes wear away and need replacing. If you notice that your crown has become loose and needs to be re-bonded give us a call. 

Smiling Student

Here for You

We are here to help you with any dental issue or emergency that you might come across in your daily life.


If you are a resident of Chariton, Iowa, or just passing through we are available to help you. Please call our office, Chariton Dental for any questions you may have about emergency dentistry or to schedule an appointment. 

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