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Periodontics is a dental specialty that focuses solely on the diagnosis and treatment of the inflammatory disease that causes the gums and other supporting structures around the teeth to deteriorate.


Periodontitis, or gum disease, is a severe oral infection that can cause severe and permanent damage. At Chariton Dental, we diagnose and treat all the different stages of periodontal disease to help you regain a healthy smile.


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Noticing Periodontal Disease 

Untreated plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth and gums are what cause periodontal disease. Dental plaque contains enough bacteria to irritate your gums and cause them to bleed and swell. Some of the first signs of periodontal disease or gingivitis include:


  • Receding gums 

  • Gums that bleed easily 

  • Swollen and tender gums 

  • Adult teeth becoming loose 

  • Bad breath 


If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please call us today to schedule a time to speak to Dr. Tanner. 

It is essential to make regular checkups in our office a priority, so we can help you recognize these signs and catch any potential periodontics problems early. Gingivitis, in its early stages, can be treated with deep oral cleanings, including removing plaque and any hardened tartar. When the condition goes undiagnosed and untreated, it becomes harder to get rid of completely. After it has reached the later stages, periodontitis will cause severe damage to not only your oral health but bodily health as well. Some familiar repercussions include: 


  • Risk of diabetes, heart attack, and stroke 

  • Tooth loss 

  • Bone loss 

  • Severe gum recession 


To avoid these severe and permanent damages from occurring, please seek treatment. 

Periodontics Treatment 

Because we want all of our patients to keep their natural smiles healthy, we provide essential periodontics treatment options for all stages. 

Deep Cleaning: As soon as gingivitis has been detected, it is essential to receive a deep dental cleaning similar to what you would receive at your standard 6-month cleaning. Plaque build-up from right above the gum line and slightly under the gumline will be removed in this cleaning. 

Scaling: Using a hooked, sharp dental instrument, one of our professionals will scrape away all plaque buildup and hardened tartar from the tooth. 

Root Planing: Similar to scaling, root planing removes tartar from right under the gumline and down onto the root. It is common, while the disease progresses, for gum tissue to start to detach from the tooth. Removing tartar will promote gum healing and reattachment. 

Gum Grafting: A gum graft might be necessary when gum tissue has receded to a severe level. In this procedure, the gum tissue is removed from a healthy location to replace diseased tissue. 

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With something as serious as periodontal disease, we don’t want our patients to wait for treatment.


If you have noticed any of the above symptoms occuring or questioning whether you are experiencing them or not, please give us a call. We are located in Chariton, Dental here in Chariton, Iowa. 

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